Hall of Fame

Amy Winehouse Rehab 2008
Amy performed a Rehab acoustic in the Remedy studios back in 2008. This stripped back version is now the only TV performance one of its kind in existence.
NME Finger
The most offensive table of Awards in the history of Awards.
Usain Bolt - MTV
Usain Bolt - MTV
The true identity of Noah remains classified, but Bolt won gold at the London Olympic 5 days later.
Kevin Spacey and Dynamo
Playing with fire at the NME aftershow party.
Nicki Minaj - Freshly Squeezed
Nicki Minaj - Freshly Squeezed
Nicky undergoing electric shock therapy.
Rupert Grint - Radio 1 Teen Awards 2011
On accepting his award for Best Male Actor, a surprised Rupert thanked the 10,000 fans telling them ‘I’m just the ginger one at the back’.
Kanye West Global Gathering
Kanye West Global Gathering
Looking for Gold Diggers at Global Gathering.
Family Guy Freshly Squeezed
Stewie drops into the Remedy Studios for Freshly Squeezed.
One Direction - The Radio 1 Teen Awards
Transported on a flying platform over 10,000 screaming fans. Health and safety meltdown.