Remedy Productions create sharp, witty and innovative programming across all the entertainment genres. Every year we film over 1000 hours of prime time, daytime, factual and live shows for the major terrestrial and digital networks, which has led to us being consistently listed as the No.1 Entertainment Producer in the UK (Televisual 2016 and Broadcast 2014, 2013, 2012).

Our creative team has a proven track record in producing every type of entertainment format be it studio shows (Fifteen to One and Celebrity Fifteen to One for C4), live entertainment events (Radio 1’s Teen Awards for BBC3, CBBC, iPlayer), access documentaries (Penguin A+E for C5, MTV On Set with…), reality formats (Fired by Mom and Dad for MTV) or interactive A-list interview formats (MTV Asks…).

To date our shows have generated well over two billion tweets and counting, and we continue to create original content across a wide range of digital platforms (BringMeTo1D webisodes for Vevo, MTV Threads series for Snapchat, Teen Hero Stories for iPlayer).

Remedy have had the privilege of collaborating with some amazingly talented people. From Adam Hills to Nick Grimshaw, from Taylor Swift to the Paul McCartney, from Usain Bolt to Idris Elba, from Zoella to Winnie Harlow, Remedy regularly work with world-class presenters, music talent, social media celebrities and international superstars.

Our production team has a wealth of experience delivering shows around the clock, on all formats and filmed all over the world from LA to Cape Town to our own studios in London.

Remedy was founded in 2003, became part of the Argonon group in 2011 and has since opened offices in Vancouver, Canada and Glasgow, Scotland.

Examples of our work can be found on our website so have a look and don’t hesitate to get in touch if there is anything of interest – we’d love to hear from you.